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Uniforms or Cloths, Shelter, Education, Food, Sanitation, Books, School-Bags, Sports Equipment, Blankets, Bedsheets, Undergarments, Shoes or Slipper etc.


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Welcome To Ujwal Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

Established way back in the year 1993, we at Ujwal Shikshan Prasarak Mandal help children and women live a better life. We are a government registered organization, an NGO, working on a special cause in the district of Hingoli. We focus primarily on women's welfare, children's welfare, women empowerment and other activities. With great success and efforts in our cause of promoting women's and children's welfare, we earned the 'Ahilyadevi Holkar Award' from the government of India.


Offering A Helping Hand For Women And Children

At Ujwal SPM, we conduct regular events on health management for the children and women. Many of our events are planned to provide complete educational support for the lone kids who wish to study ahead. Our programs help children develop their skills and come out of their negative state of mind. Women empowerment through different programs is a part of our cause. We help women to solve their personal problems and improve their relationships. We offer financial and mental support to widowed women. Our Self help Group encourages women to improve their standard of living. We also organize the Reproductive Child Health Program for women to educate them all about offering healthy life for their newly born kids.

Ujwal SPM fulfills all these requirements through the donation programs. We encourage you people to donate some amount to help women and children develop their life better.

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